Construction sheeting and plastic/waterproofing(SABS-Non SABS)

SABS DPC – Damp-Proof course or DPC is a barrier in a wall made to resist  moisture rising through and penetrating the structure. It is a chemically inert material, does not absorb water and does not deteriorate.

SABS DPC 3-Layer Co-Extruded – 250 micron co-extruded DPC can replace 375 micron SABS DPC as per SANS 952-1:type B.  Best utilised for the prevention of rising damp in walls, preventing efflorescence and flaking of the wall covering – it will not absorb water and is chemically inert.  A cost saving alternative!

Black or Green Underlay Sheeting – Damp proof black or green underlay sheeting is sheeting that is laid under concrete flooring or brick flooring which prevents rising moisture. It is also used to protect construction materials in wet conditions. Has excellent tear and puncture properties.

3-Layer Co-Extruded SABS Sheeting – SABS Green 3-Layer 170 micron co-extruded SABS sheeting can replace 250 micron SABS Green Sheeting in terms of SANS 952-1:type C and can also be used where SABS black sheeting has been specified as it exceeds the minimum specification required for SABS Black.  A cost saving alternative!

Clear Sheeting – Usually used in window construction but considered  multi-purpose plastic sheeting.

SABS Orange – Keeps your basement dry when a portion of your house is underground or built against a hill, where there is most likely to be a high moisture content,  SABS Orange will keep the damp from seeping into the walls. Extremely strong and also has high tear and puncture properties. Used when dealing with rough and tough terrain as well as below ground level.

DB 300 – Is self-adhesive, rubberized asphalt/polyethylene waterproofing membranes used as adhesive DPC and flat roof waterproofing. To be used with primer. The primer is laid on a flat dust free surface and then the bituthene is laid over the primer.

Roof Insulation

Sisalation – Is a reinforced aluminium foil insulation material, made from a lamination of aluminium foil, kraft paper, reinforced synthetic fibre and polyethylene. It is used in factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals and commercial and residential dwellings. It reduces heat gains in summer and contains heat losses in winter. The material also acts as a waterproofing membrane when used under roof tiles. Sisalation has a high light reflectivity. When installed in industrial buildings as an exposed internal roof lining, the reflectivity of the foil will enhance the lighting of the building.

Sisalation FR430 – Fire retardant heavy industrial grade

Sisalation FR405 – Fire retardant light domestic grade

Sisalation 405 – Light domestic industrial grade

 Isotherm – Is a bulk insulator. The polyester wool is placed on top of the ceiling. Extremely easy application and is used in EXISTING homes.


Civil Engineering

Netlon fencing – semi rigid plastic safety fencing

Kerb spray – If you are spraying tar then this is the product for you! it is a narrow width plastic that is specifically used to protect kerbs when spraying tar.

Adhesive Tapes

We stock a selection of multi-purpose tapes.

Plastiband – A product that differs from most on the market. It is a cross laminated waterproofing tape which is extremely strong.